Our services donot end at delivery but continue to monitor the usage of apps to refine/tune the business process integrating best practices in mobile apps for the best ROI to our customers.

TSI Apps are great on user experience which not only depends on frontend and backend but also on the design methodologies in development. TSI Mobile Apps can be run on virtually all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Ubuntu. With our carefully crafted best practices, We make sure that we cover all the requirements of our clients with our end-toend mobility solutions.

Our Mobile App services teams co-own the task of delivery with their experience in analysis of business requirements of the customer. Our millions of line of code has lots of pre-defined algorithms suiting various generic and unique requirements of our customers. These techniques make our teams deliver the best of the applications efficient and fast.

Our services donot end at delivery but continue to monitor the usage of apps to refine/tune the business process integrating best practices in mobile apps for the best ROI to our customers.

Our Capabilities include:
  • App Development Strategy

  • APP UI/UX Designing

  • App Development

  • Back End Architecture

  • Enterprise Mobility

  • End-To-End Solutions

Paramount Quality

Quality is the foremost word for our team. Our teams rely more on the systems and procedures. We adopt internal testing and audit procedures for every project.

Transparent methodologies

Every one of our partners will always be control of the project status and every feedback is recorded and monitored, enabling us to continuously improve our deliverables. Channels of communication are always on with our customers/partners.

More business value

With our pre-built algorithms and models, our teams deliver more business value for each product delivered – be it unique process as required by the customer process or a generic process that needed more refinement. Every request of our customers are handled quickly and effectively to the satisfaction of them.

Result orientation

Markets today are highly competitive and fast paced. Innovative and intelligent solutions for each enterprise if of paramount importance. Our teams follow best practices to consider most important aspects for any partner – Time, Money and Value.

Mobile Solutions Team:

Our teams are comprised of uniquely-experienced and diverse group of talented individuals well-versed in the technical workings of various platforms. It is our target to support your business create and launch apps that fulfills business requirements providing an intuitive user experience to the end users.


Front End Expertise:

Smart Mobility

Our team have the expertise of creating highly interactive and responsive web apps that are apt for any enterprise. The teams can create highly effective and stunning user interfaces that are sure to make the users more than glad to work on them.

Our teams’ expertise make deliverables effective, efficient and dependable without any compromise on quality. Our teams make the apps effective to seamlessly integrate with all platforms providing native environment.

In today’s world, web offers all the flexibility and adaptability that was once only with desktop apps. Behind this power is JavaScript — the trusted tool of today’s front-end development. Our front-end developers have expertise on modern day JS frameworks like Angular and have the capability to develop the best apps with all the requisite functions and features.

Our teams also have the expertise with back-end technologies like Node.js, Python and Go. These technologies enable our teams to efficiently develop critical backend solutions for the effective process in any enterprise.

Call us to know more on the advantages of outsourcing to our teams.

Smart Mobility
Our teams include:
  • System and Enterprise architects,

  • Application developers,

  • UI/UX Consultants,

  • Database Developers,

  • Testing Team and

  • Business Analysts

  • Development

  • iOS development

Our teams have expertise in developing apps for every device, be it iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Our team is skilled in Swift, C and Objective-C to suit your app coding needs. Please check our tools expertise section for more details on our skills.

Android development

Our teams have been efficient in working with Android platform. Majority of the apps that our teams have developed, have been on Android platform – from a wearable till the tablets. It is our passion that drives us deliver best apps using best of the tools and resources. Please check our tools expertise section for more details.

Cross Platform Development

Many of the app developers look at Cross-platform development for mobile apps as a way to quickly deliver apps to the market. Cross platform development is also viewed as solution to cutting costs compare to Native app development. By developing cross-platform apps, development companies make apps immediately available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu and many more. Our teams of skilled mobile developers are conversant in the modern crossplatform tech stack, and will help enterprises build apps on time and on budget.


Our Back end teams can assist you in integrating all your business needs through backend for the applications. Our expertise in handling business requirements covers wide range of requirements including CRM Integration, Consumer Integration, Storage, Mobile Payments, Location Tracking and analysis, Push notifications and many more.

Each Business has unique requirements. Using our expertise, our teams can build mobile apps that can completely integrate into business requirements of our customers providing an optimal user experience. Our apps have an advantage of compatibility with any device and platform requirements of our customers.

Any requirements for Mobile Solutions, please contact us at mobile@tsi.in

Java Expertise

TSI has efficient Java teams with best hands-on experience on critical Java applications. Our teams use our in-house tools to make the develop more efficient, fast and effective solutions for all our enterprise partners irrespective of their industry. Our teams’ expertise in varied sectors and our consulting expertise in analytics make the deliverables agile.


Our PHP teams are glad to support our partners in app development. We have professionals with years of experience in building agile apps. The methodologies adopted are more customized depending on the requirements of our partners. Our teams identified the following domains generally as per the majority requirement for their team.

e-Commerce support

VoD and Online Video services

Content Management Systems for apps

Real-Time Communication support

To start your PHP application development project, please contact us and our team will be in touch with you to give you more details on our experience and will be glad to deliver a no-obligation project prototype/estimates

Mobile app tools expertise

Our current teams have expertise in the following technologies

front-end development expertise
Platform programing language integrated development environment
Cordova HTML, CSS, Java Script IOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, Ubuntu touch
Unity Java Script, C# and BOO IOS, Android, Windows, Web, Playstation, Xbox, Wiiand linux
Sencha Html and Java Script IOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry
Xamarin C#, Swift and Java Script IOS, Android and Windows
Appcelerator Java Script IOS, Android and Windows
QT C++ IOS, Android and Windows, Symbian and Ubuntu touch
back end development

Our current teams have expertise in the fallowing technologies

programming languages Integrated development environment
Java Script, PHP, Node. JS, Ruby Rails, Swift, HTML5 and CSS 5 Servers are on linux and windows and are available for IOS, Androir, Windows, Symbian, Ubuntu and any other mobile web and desktop web requirements
application testing tools

Our current teams have expertise in the fallowing technologies

JMETER TestDroid BlazeMeter SOAPUI
UI Frame works

Our current teams have expertise in the fallowing technologies

Angular Js, Backbone, knockout , google dart and bootstrap

The world is changing faster than ever, creating new opportunities for those who stand ready to seize them.

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