Public Sector Applications:

Connecting Business Process and Technology resources to enable services delivery in the public sector

Earlier TSI was completely into delivering services for Public Sector. TSI has been successful in the delivery of services working in geographically diversified economies right from US, Middle East and Asia. TSI was initially a US based entity operated out of Seattle and Atlanta in United States and has changed to serving IT requirements in India for public sector. TSI is currently an end to end service provider on public sector applications

TSI has ventured into biometric technology and has custom built solutions specific to the requirements of Public Sector delivering effective solutions for each vertical. TSI solutions are known for their flexibility with its public sector customers as part of government’s prerogative in reaching to all the state governments divided by linguistic and cultural barriers.

Flexible Solutions for all verticals…

TSI has developed solutions for the end to end services of many verticals in public sector.


TSI has built up an impressive list of clients, who pay testimony to the high quality, timeliness and value of our work. TSI employs experienced professionals in diversified areas, who put their efforts in serving the customers to deliver state-of- art technology solutions. Through our timetested methodologies and comprehensive suite of tools and internationally experienced technical professionals, we offer end-to- end services to our customers.

At TSI, We offer end-to- end solutions and services ranging from businesstechnology consulting, e-business consulting, systems integration, customized solutions, design and development to re-engineering the solutions. Our skills in providing high quality services in cost-effective methodologies make our clients realize the benefits of technology. At TSI, we believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. TSI has never lost a single customer till date and that shows testimony of the quality of services delivered.

TSI offers range of services, solutions and products that are geared towards delivery of support services in many of the verticals. Our domain experience in these sectors has led us to forge partnerships with Public Sector agencies both at the state and local levels

The objective of integrating IT into governance goes far beyond mere automation of processes. E-Governance is to fundamentally improve the methodology as to how the Government operates and this implies a transparent and efficient administration with precise set of responsibilities for the executive, legislature and the citizen. The effort should aim to bring about a social catharsis, which needs to be orchestrated in a comprehensive, concerted and planned fashion.

As part of our initiatives, we have ventured into delivering products and services based on biometric technology. Some of our teams are dedicated to work completely on biometric solutions for e-government applications. This is to support the public sector applications in improving the security, maintain accuracy in de-duplication and have result oriented programs for the people. These applications are beneficial to all the public sector applications and the database can be effectively used by the government agencies for many of their services focusing development

Our end-to- end solutions for automating Public Sector departments including the critical applications for Revenue, Public distribution and Transport departments are tested and implemented and are known for flexibility in Customization. The Applications are considered to cover all the areas of running the departments in any State.

The solutions include delivery of services on the field including enrolment, deduplication, database management, integration of state-wide database and generating entire analysis reports apart from delivery of software and hardware.

The world is changing faster than ever, creating new opportunities for those who stand ready to seize them.

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