Location data integration with Business Analytics: A New Dimension

Business Analytics is accessing data from different sources. The data is accessed from any device, be it a mobile phone, tabs, satellite data, data grids or even from social networks. The enterprises are defining new tools targeting avenues to get data. “Bigdata”, the word that caught up with all the enterprises around the world representing data that can be accessed from different avenues but cannot be stored in generic databases as it used to be. The amount of data sourced has already crossed petabytes and moving into Exabytes. There can never be limits as more data is generated by people and processes around the globe. It has become a new order for companies to rapidly develop new tools and adopt new strategies to gain advantage of the market and have an edge in this ever changing scenario.

With ongoing innovations to visualize and analyze data, the enterprises have identified that geographical territory is of the most important dimension that can give more precise insight into all the required analytics of the company not limited to sales, performance and feedback.

Location Intelligence is one of the dimensions of analytics where the enterprises can analyze and manage complex data relations using geographical territory. Combining Location data with other analytics will make the enterprise gain clarity in critical insights to make more precise business decisions. LI uses varied data sources not limited to GIS mapping, integrating huge amount of data analytics into mapping for process optimization

How does it help?

It is a known fact that all the customers are linked to a geographic territory and this linked to the data available internally and externally can provide unprecedented levels of information.

TSI labs is in the process of developing tools that can be applied by any enterprise integrating the data with spatial data. We have required expertise in using already existing LI tools to generate Mapping Solutions and also generate analytics by layering data on any Map service available

TSI Location App:

Our team will soon launch a suite of apps with functionalities utilizing location intelligence. The tools are the first in many aspects and will also be available for all enterprises to utilize the analytics and generate considerable advantage in the market

Map Data, GIS mapping, Static Content Dynamic Content Social Networking data
Positioning data using resources like GPS, wifi LOCATION INTELLIGENCE using resources like GPS, wifi LOCATION INTELLIGENCE Navigation Systems and Service networks
Market data: Consumer analytics, Sales analytics and BI Location based open data layer LI Integration with layers: BPM, CRM, ERP
Process Flow

The world is changing faster than ever, creating new opportunities for those who stand ready to seize them.

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