Business Intelligence is a broad base for solutions enabling any organization to get insight of its entire critical operations using innovative analytics with reporting tools resulting in building better relationships.

Reporting in BI apps can include varied outputs such as tabular reporting, Charts and Spreadsheets while comprehensive and interactive dashboards are playing a critical role in analysis of information.

Our BI consultants help you select, optimize and deploy an array of custom as well as pre-built analytics and reporting tools to help you understand your customers, brand, competitors, operations, and market opportunities. During the roll-out phase, we ensure you realize the benefit of your solution by working with your team through the change management process. Our services to achieve a robust analytics environment include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • BI Assessments

  • BI Roadmaps

  • BI Tool Selection and

  • RFP Assistance

  • Prototyping

  • Proof-of-Concept (POC)

  • Data Migration,

  • Data Integration

  • BI Architecture Design and Optimization

  • Analytics Reporting Automation

  • Dashboard Development

It is also a known fact that any organization can take efficient and effective decisions when the business is analyzed real time and reported as per the business requirements. Real time Analytics can be done with the company’s resources not limited to Consumer databases, Supply Chain, Product information, Sales and Marketing and all relevant information critical to analysis. Any Robust BI application can integrate these inventories of data into a single framework for reporting real time and can be a major tools for all the decision makers of the enterprise.

Our BI team has the expertise to analyze information acquired from multiple sources – be it traditional data like Financial assets, Sales and Marketing data, CRM and ERP assets or electronic sources that includes various channels in the open network space. Our BI Team creates connections of this disparate data with application tools that build context and semantics layers to extract its value. Once all data is integrated and measured,

Our reporting methods and frameworks for presenting analytics distill actionable insight for your enterprise leadership, establishing trends, verifying outcomes, and drawing conclusions around the content

These tools benefit all aspects of your enterprise business processes, including but not limited to:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Planning & Management

  • Sales Planning

  • Operations Planning

  • Logistics

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Human Resources Management

Business Intelligence

Mobile BI

Engaging with the requirements of Customer is the need of the hour for any enterprise today. To drive the customers towards more simple solutions, enterprises are trying to identify more tools for increasing the agility of solutions. In a bid to do the same, Real time data is very critical for the teams for any decisions to be taken on the sales and marketing scenario. Giving more accurate and decision-centric details drive timely strategic action for the teams. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and wireless technology evolving into legitimate tools for managing day-to-day business, Our BI unit recognizes that market demand for mobile business intelligence applications will only increase over time. With much of today’s workforce conducting business in a more virtual world, the need for quality information in a wireless global marketplace cannot be overstated.

Taking your business on the road no longer means important decisions on behalf of your enterprise must wait until you get back to the office. Our BI team offers Mobile based analytics for those enterprises that require higher efficiency and accessibility in their business processes, regardless of where or when.

Our Mobile platforms, using centralized cloud-based computing, can and do compete with more traditional methods. Better and faster bi-directional data access at your fingertips, with intuitive mobile dashboards, means real-time intelligence, improved employee productivity, better customer service, and a more competitive outlook.

We, at TSI, identified the advancement of mobile networks, various devices being integrated to them and also the applications to provide the required business information real time. We therefore work with our clients to deliver exceptional Mobile BI solutions

Our solution helps you select the right mobile BI platform and strategy, enables you to present business information in user-friendly formats, while driving cost effectiveness and productivity. Our highly interactive, portable dashboards present data in standardized formats anytime, anywhere. This enables faster decision-making and helps you improve service efficiency and quality, giving you a competitive market advantage.

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  • text mining

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BI tools landscape
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  • Mongo
  • graph databases

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  • key value databases

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  • Apache
  • analytics databases

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The world is changing faster than ever, creating new opportunities for those who stand ready to seize them.

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