Strategy and Business Consulting unit

In this competitive world, all the companies need to:

Deliver better results in the competition
Enhance their chances for success
Avoid risks in decision making
Adopt informed and calculated strategies
Adapt to ever changing environment and market scenario

In this path, adopting innovative practices in identifying the solutions will be the decisive factor that helps companies perform more effectively.

With over 15 years’ of experience, it is the most important business units for us operating at local and global level. Our Consulting services start from defining the strategy till the implementation of the solution.

Our Units will also follow the client in analyzing the results after the implementation. We provide Consulting services for business processes not limited to operational improvement processes such as capturing efficiencies, change management, business intelligence and people management.

The Strategy

At Business Consulting we have the experience, methodologies, solutions and specialized teams for the implementation of BI in any process or function of the company, ensuring minimum risk and compliance with deadlines. We apply our experience to develop the pertinent knowledge of the business dynamics involved.

our services

  • Process Indicators

  • Strategic and Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Structured Client Management

  • Structured Corporate Reporting

  • Innovative procedures

  • Implementation of KPIs

  • Pricing methodologies

  • Administrative models

  • Consumer Analytics

Our deliverables flawlessly run in different environments and perform ETL, advanced analytics like machine learning, interactive queries & streaming over big datasets in a broad range of data stores.

areas of expertise

Operative Efficiency Analytics & Business Intelligence

Change Management

People Excellence

Human Capital Management

Supply Chain

Our Business Consulting unit provides support to its clients right from defining strategies and enabling them to plan the objectives in the right and realistic path. Our Consulting unit with its cross industry experience, has been helping clients to evaluate their strengths and resolve strategic issues to improve performance. This will enable our clients to redefine their business strategies and identify development areas.

Our creativity is our skill at exploring the many perspectives from which a problem can be viewed, then looking at the different aspects of a problem and the relationships between them and finally proposing new solutions.

The value that Business Consulting gives to its clients resides in this creative strength, which helps guide top management through the unknowns of the future.

Business Consulting offers specialized services in supply chain optimization, transversal across all sectors, and with relevant experience in leading companies that are varied sectors like Consumer goods, Automotive and Manufacturing, Logistics, Tourism, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. Our Consulting unit has the best expertise in delivering solutions for public sector.

Our projects are up to date with the latest trends in supply chain operations. Our Consulting services include redesigning of the Structure, Strategizing a demand linked supply chain and also refining the process of supply chain to benefit from the efficiency.

Strategic projects can be developed at different levels:

Corporate Strategy

Business Consulting works with the client to identify and define the key factors that influence the effectiveness of its strategic choices. In this way it is possible to identify the core business on which to focus or alternatively to define the possible diversifications.

Strategic Business Unit

Business Consulting gives its clients tools and conceptual frameworks for both planning and decision making, so that a client firm can analyze its competitive position, define the strategic guidelines and identify all possible strategic alliances.

Strategy Development

Defining a clear and effective strategy for improving performance includes the description of challenges and unknowns that must be faced.

Business Consulting helps its clients by defining different strategic choices for diversification and/or territorial expansion, and by tracing out strategies of delivering across boundaries.

The world is changing faster than ever, creating new opportunities for those who stand ready to seize them.

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